New fossil fuel projects outweigh emissions reductions 7-to-1

ACF looks forward to seeing the plans set by the Albanese government. Picture: Contributed.

For every tonne of climate pollution that will be reduced by Albanese government climate policies by 2030, more than seven tonnes of additional pollution will flow from new fossil fuel projects that have been approved or received other material support under this government, new analysis released last month shows.

New analysis performed by Climate Safe Solutions (‘Climate impacts of fossil fuel projects under the Albanese government’, November 2023) shows 16 new fossil fuel projects that have been approved or received material support under the Albanese government would release 6.9 billion tonnes of carbon pollution over their lifetimes.

This analysis shows the continued approval of and support for coal and gas projects is outweighing the impact of emissions-cutting programs by about seven-to-one.

The projects approved under this government will generate around the same amount of climate pollution as 28 years’ worth of emissions from every car, truck and bus in Australia.

No government can be credible on climate if it cuts climate pollution with one hand and fuels climate pollution with the other.

ACF expects the reform of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act to mandate an assessment of new coal and gas proposals and the damage they will cause to nature.

Any project that will cause irreparable, large-scale damage to nature and the climate should be rejected.

ACF looks forward to seeing the Albanese government outlining its plans to reduce the negative impact Australia is having on the global climate.