Stay aware this fire season

Australians are being urged to plan ahead, with large parts of the country facing an increased risk of fires this summer. Picture: Contributed.

AFAC, the National Council for Fire and Emergency Services, has released the Seasonal Bushfire Outlook for summer 2023.

The Seasonal Bushfire Outlook for summer 2023 is a strong reminder to communities and businesses nationwide to prepare for bushfires and monitor local conditions.

Australia has experienced record-breaking dry conditions and warmer-than-average temperatures during early spring, with hot and dry conditions expected to persist into the new year for many locations.

Abundant vegetation growth supported by previous La Niña rainfall will continue to dry throughout summer, increasing the flammability of fuel loads.

This includes some areas burnt during the 2019 to 2020 season.

These factors increase fire risk for large areas of Queensland, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory.

“An increased risk of bushfire makes it even more important for you to take action,” AFAC CEO Rob Webb said.

“Wherever you live, work or visit this summer, know where to find bushfire information, prepare your property, and talk to your family and friends about what you will do in an emergency.

“Your local fire agency is the perfect place to find out exactly how to stay safe this summer.

Australian fire agencies have had a busy start to the bushfire season, with many working in their communities and across state borders to respond to bushfires.

“Communities can stay safer and support our fire agencies by being prepared for bushfires this summer.”

State and territory fire authorities will continue to monitor local bushfire conditions through summer.

Communities should stay informed prepared, and check official sources for advice and warnings.

Fire potential can vary greatly, even at a smaller scale, between bordering states and territories.

Each state and territory’s assessment takes into account different land use types and vegetation types.

This is influenced by different forecasts for temperature and rainfall over these regions.

Minister for Emergency Management Murray Watt said the outlook is a clear reminder that all Australians need to be prepared.

“The seasonal outlook helps to identify areas at higher risk, and also assists local emergency

services to plan and preposition resources as we head into summer,” Mr Watt said.

“I urge people to be aware of the local risk, update their bushfire plans and pack emergency

and evacuation kits.

“I commend the work personnel are doing right across the country, and thank them for their

ongoing efforts.

“It’s been a tough season already for crews who have been dealing with multiple large-scale bushfires early in the season that have destroyed homes and property – my heart goes out to those that have been impacted.”

To view the Seasonal Bushfire Outlook (Summer 2023), visit