Water restrictions to be implemented in Miriam Vale

In the interests of water security, the Gladstone Region Drought Management Team has decided to implement water restrictions in Miriam Vale to effectively manage the town’s water supply.

This is due to the depletion of water levels in Baffle Creek which is Miriam Vale’s primary water source. Water usage target of 180 Litres per person per day will come into effect from Wednesday, 6 December 2023.

Council will host a Community Information Session on Tuesday 12 December from 6pm-7.30pm at the Miriam Vale Community Centre to discuss the decision with locals.

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett is confident that Miriam Vale residents and businesses can reduce their water usage.

“Miriam Vale residents have previously excelled in saving water with the town quickly responding to water restrictions that were introduced in September 2019 and lifted in December 2021,” Councillor Burnett said.

“I have no doubt the people of Miriam Vale can respond just as effectively to these water restrictions as they have in the past.

“By working together and being conscious of our water use, we can ensure we have a sustainable water supply for the Miriam Vale community.

“Council remains committed to providing the region with a safe, sustainable and reliable water supply, now and into the future and we will continue to scope a long-term solution to improve water security for Miriam Vale.”

Cr Burnett also encouraged Miriam Vale residents who have recently had advanced water meter infrastructure installed to monitor their usage via the My Water portal.

“The My Water portal offers near real-time water usage data to registered users which is a fantastic resource to manage daily usage,” he said. “A lack of data often leaves residents unaware of their usage patterns and potential wastage, making the My Water portal a very handy tool to monitor and lower water use.

“Council’s website also has some handy water saving tips that can be applied during times of both low and above-average rainfall, so please continue to be mindful of your usage because every drop counts.”